Emperor Journal of Applied Scientific Research [EJASR] - ISSN. No. 2581-964X (O)

Volume - I    Issue - 5    May - 2019

A Conceptual approach for development of solar power supply in aquaculture farm using net meter system in Nagapattinam Area
D. Babiyola   /   J. Thamarai Selvan

Volume - I Issue - 5 May - 2019

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The Aquaculture industry has a huge power demand and spends 40% of its total operating cost to electricity. The demand can be met by using an alternate source to produce electricity, as renewable energy resources like solar, wind, hydro, tidal, geothermal energy are some options to consider. Naturally, sea shore has high sun intensity and therefore solar energy might be the best alternate source. Here solar power is integrated with the grid power supply for the uninterrupted electricity usage. This System as called the on-grid net-metering system. This paper aims to analyze the feasibility of the on-grid net metering system according to the cost of energy (CoE). The results are derived from the optimal sizing of 100KW photovoltaic Solar panels. As a result that the cost of energy is about Rs.1.71/Kwh, Which shows the solar power, is economically feasible and cost-effective
Keywords: Aquaculture, Renewable energy, Solar Power, Cost of energy.