Emperor Journal of Applied Scientific Research [EJASR] - ISSN. No. 2581-964X(O)

Volume - III    Issue - 7    July - 2021

Durability Study on Fly Ash Aggregate Concrete with Respect to Carbonation Test
Parthiban .P   /   S. Gunasekar   /   Anju .M .J

Volume - III Issue - 7 July - 2021
DOI - http://dx.doi.org/10.35338/EJASR.2021.3701

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In this project, the durability of concrete with fly ash aggregates (FAA) is studied. M20 Grade concrete is selected and designed as per IS method. The projects major goal is to use (FAA) fly ash aggregates to replace traditional fine and coarse aggregates. Cement and fly ash are mixed in proportions of 10:90, 12.5:87.5, 15:85, 17.5:82.5, 20:80, and 22.5:77.5 to make fly ash aggregates. The specimen cubes will be caste and tested for corrosion depth, workability, pull out strength and pH value of concrete at the end of 7, 14 and 28-days curing. Fine aggregate and coarse aggregates were substituted with fly ash aggregates in all of these experiments. From the results, the conclusions were drawn.
Keywords: Fly Ash Aggregates, Fine Aggregate, Coarse Aggregates, Strength.