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  • Emperor Journal of Applied Scientific Research [EJASR], is an scholarly peer reviewed monthly Online journal. The journal covers the issues related to computer science, engineering, technology and related disciplines including their applications in academia, research, business and industry. The articles are published in full on EJASR ( website and are open access to all. Submissions are welcome from across all streams related to computing and information technology. Paper submission to EJASR is relatively very fast and easy. Authors can submit the papers at any time. EJASR is an open access journal that accepts manuscripts for publication in computer science and engineering and technology related fields

    The journal invites authors to submit original high-quality papers and unpublished work that communicates current research on computer engineering and information technology. Original works are invited in form of research paper/ manuscript. Extended version of the conference paper are also accepted, The extended paper should contain significant improvements in terms of extended content, analysis, comparisons with popular methods, results, figures, comments, etc.

    Authors are invited to submit their manuscript(s) as e-mail attachment to , . Before you submit a manuscript please ensure you have read the Author's Guidelines. Our objective is to notify authors of the decision on their manuscript(s) within one week of submission. EJASR is fully committed to the Open Access Initiative and all articles will be available freely though online.

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